Complete Coverage - Most customers demand the same things: everything and right away. Now you can quickly access vital client information like never before. A distressed economy demands better client data like never before. Legrand CRM’s company records have data rolled up from all levels of the program. What does this mean to you? It means one-stop-shopping for for detailed client data. Your whole company's important client information that is just a click away.

Your whole team can now see the whole picture:

QuickBooks Link - Legrand CRM has been designed from the ground up to integrate with QuickBooks. It is not an third-party add on or a programmer’s afterthought. Now you can share critical client information instead of burying it in a report. One click brings you finanacial data another brings you to a list of purchased items. You can even initiate new accounts, quotes, invoices or sales order in QuickBooks directly from within Legrand. This cuts down on the time spent and the mistakes made.
Sales Opportunities - Sales reps can easily track their progress, share their results and increase their productivity. Managers can monitor sales pipelines for individuals, teams or the entire company. Close door meetings are no longer required to understand what goals are being worked toward.
Microsoft Outlook Integration - Most CRM products work with Outlook.  They usually require more work than they are worth.  Legrand lets those who “live” in Outlook still enjoy working with their CRM.  Legrand lets you do many CRM tasks without having to leave Outlook.  All Outlook emails can be permanently stored in Legrand.  New companies, contacts, sales opportunities and support incidents can be created directly in Outlook.  You can even send Outlook e-mails directly from Legrand CRM.
Powerful Search - Finding client data should be easy.  Legrand CRM lets you assign multiple Keyword tags that are ingeniously simple to use.  The QuickSearch feature lets you search on every field by merely right-clicking on it.  Advanced multi-level searches can even be stored for later use.
Web Lead Capture - Leads captured from your website can flow directly into your CRM without retyping or complicated imports.  This lets you get your leads, assign them and send a response back to your prospects without a struggle.  This is quickly accomplished in a few mouse clicks instead of a few days.
Marketing Campaigns - Your marketing efforts can now be completely managed in one place.  Leads can be entered, targets can be identified and respondents can be recorded.  The lead-to-customer process is recorded every step of the way.  Goals, activities and sales opportunities are tracked back to each campaign giving you important feedback.  You always know what your marketing investments have accomplished.
Customer Service - Customers are hard to find and even harder to retain.  Missed opportunities to resolve issues can lead to lost customers.  Issues are tracked, quantified and assigned to your staff.  All activities roll up to the issue.  All issues roll up to the contact and company records. You can even associate a support issue with a specific item purchased.  Customer satisfaction soars and future revenue is ensured.
Two Purchase Methods - Getting Legrand CRM couldn't be easier.   You can purchase it outright or enjoy the freedom of a monthly subscription method.  Subscription purchasing affords you lower upfront pricing and free updates and major upgrades.  These options are great.  The choice is yours.
Help & Guidance - Doing it right the first time is no easy task.  Plan B Industries can help you with virtually every aspect of your CRM initiative.  We help you develop a system that helps you find more customers and hold on them longer.  Our services include project planning, design, installation, training and much more.  support is always available and we even offer two forms of free support.  Let us help you build a stronger business.