Unparalleled Flexibility - Centerbase is a hosted CRM that allows you to capture and graphically present client data. It is completely customizable and very relational in how you can access your data. The dashboard lets you visualize data and explore details with a click of a mouse. It is a great fit for companies that collect large amounts of data and need to create custom, configurable database applications.  Centerbase lets you create your own answers.

Here is a list of key features:

  • Unique Cloud Application - A small application is installed while your data is hosted on the web. This gives you the graphical richness of a program and the convenience of cloud-based data storage.
  • Interactive Dashboard - Important metrics can be displayed graphically and drilled down with just a mouse click. Important business data is easily understood with a glance and intuitively explored with just a click.
  • Open Design - Forms can easily be created and tied to every level of the program.  Stop using spreadsheets and easily create your own system for CRM, Sales and Lead Tracking, Inventory, Asset Management, Team Scheduling, Project Management or nearly any business need..
  • Contact Management - Centerbase's unique relational system lets you link up individuals and corporate contacts any way you require. You can virtually link anything to everything.
  • Marketing Campaigns - All forms can easily be printed or emailed. Merge data can come from any part of the database.
  • Comprehensive Features - Sales, marketing, customer service, contract management, report writer... The open design lets you create beyond what is already built in.  Tailor your information and how you work with it to meet your exact needs.
  • Free Mobile Apps - Centerbase now offers mobile apps for either iOS or Android phones and tablets.
  • Monthly Subscription - Enjoy the freedom of a monthly subscription.