What is your plan? Is it working?

We all know that a business requires many things to grow. This is especially true in today’s disturbing economy. There has never been a time where working smarter is no longer an option. You need powerful tools and systems to cultivate your most important commodity – your customers.

Customers are hard to find and even harder to hold on to. We can help you maximize your sales & marketing efforts without resorting to expensive, complicated solutions. Our pragmatic approach to business technology sets us apart from our competition. We use best of breed solutions that will help your business thrive - instead of just survive.

Let us help your company with CRM systems, IT support, QuickBooks consulting and interactive websites. Our solutions work harder so you don't have to.

About Us

Our approach differs from other companies. We understand you need solutions that go beyond just working. Businesses need to increase revenues, overcome challenges and keep customers longer . Plan B Industries delivers creative solutions that perform. Delivering successful CRM solutions has been our main focus for years. We naturally branched out into hosted CRM, IT support, QuickBooks consulting and website design. The landscape may have changed but our focus hasn't.